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There’s a lot of shrieking, squealing and hand wringing going on (which looks odd because its just me…). It’s exhilarating to plan the first presentation of Tousled for a live audience. BUT I must say this is no good for ones nerves. My eye is twitching. I think its screen fatigue. I need some relief! What’s more reliving than a little hair care self care?!! If you need a little relief from your daily hair grind we’ve got some great products in the Tousled Trunk just for you!

Today, (eye twitching exhaustion and all) we bring you our next Tousled Trunk sponsor! Three Little Words (TLW) combines sassy names, sleek (award winning) design and natural ingredients to bring you products that claim to extend the life of your style, so you can do less to your hair, less often. My excuse me finger is up! Yes Madam!!!! Good looking hair with less hassle?!!! Now that’s what I call relief!

For those of you new to the site, the Tousled Trunk is a beautifully packaged box of Tousled approved hair care items. The Tousled Trunk is TOTALLY FREE to 50 lucky people stopping by the Tousled booth at the Women’s Power Summit in Bahrain, October 13 & 14!

Interested in trying TLW for yourself? Come by and get your Tousled Trunk which features TWO great samples courtesy of TLW! We really think these products will be perfect for our thick Type 2 - Type 4 Summit participants!

Sneak preview: The Let’s Get Tacos Treatment Oil is smelling all kinds of delicious! So delicious in fact, we suggest sending someone to get tacos and bring them in while you apply the treatment to your hair for some serious shine.

Can’t be at the Power Summit but want to get your hands on TLW? We have a TLW giveaway coming up! Thank you TLW or partnering with us! Stay tuned for the details on the TLW giveaway.