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Tousled readers are global. Whether preparing for travel, longing to travel, or sick of the logistics of travel. At Tousled it’s all hair - yes… but there is a lot of travel, travel and more travel. Traveling by car, plane, or railroad hand the local Duane Reed.

Doesn’t is seem like arriving anywhere that takes longer than four hours without looking like you just staged the great escape (through a hedge) is challenging?

Current status: After a hurried dash to the airport (in what always seems to be the middle of the night), I am en route to Frankfurt, Germany.

Since all flights I take of late are well into the 18+ hour range I find myself in a real conundrum when it comes to keeping my already naturally dry hair reasonably moisturized and looking like something upon arrival.

The facts are these. According to "...the air inside the cabin of a plane usually has a humidity level of 10 to 20 percent. Which is much lower than a comfortable indoor humidity of 30 to 65 percent."

Translation, dry skin, dry mouth and dry hair. Crunch, crack, I'm having a styling heart attack.

I am struggling! My hair is useless, parched, smashed (on the side I finally managed restless sleep on), and no matter what I do to “right” the situation in that glorified refrigerator box they call a restroom, I land looking like, well… tragedy.

The first piece of "Air Hair" advice I received was during my sophomore year in college. My friend Danielle, a hair type 2a, who decided to skip out of the rest of our year abroad in Spain (to each her own) and return home to her fantastic boyfriend. Gave some great advice on air travel and hair. A former beauty queen...yes. sigh...  Danielle’s advised the following:

  1. Drink a ton (3 – 4 liters) of water daily for at least two days before the flight;

  2. Curl two-day old hair into pin curls secured with bobby pins

  3. Spray the pin curled hair with a flexible hold hair spray - Matrix Biolage Hair Glaze hairspray to be precise, (Biolage PULEEEAAASSEE bring this product back!)

  4. Upon getting to the first bathroom possible past security but before facing your public, uncurl and shaking it out fabulous!

Danielle married Mr. Fantastic, and I stayed in Spain. However, I did something similar when flying from Europe to Aruba and it worked! Aside from looking slightly odd and security having a wand problem in the scalp region, this was a workable solution!

Begging Matrix Biolage Haircare to bring back Hair Glaze may prove futile, but whilst Tousled staff occupies themselves with prostrate beseaching Tousled recommends:

Hair Type 1 : Saints & Sinners Divine Flexible Working Hold Hair Spray

Hair Type 2: Ouai Soft Hair Spray

Hair Type 3: Moroccanoil Luminous Hairspray Medium (don’t worry, it’s a light) Hold

Hair Type 4: Cantu Natural Style Stay Frizz-Free Finisher

Got any "Air Hair" tips and tricks? We're all listening! please comment below.

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