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If you are living in the Middle East like me, or in some other country that is not your “home”, it can be tough locating familiar products on your retailers’ shelves.  Don’t despair! Local products can be fabulous products.

Friend to Tousled, Asleel gave her hair a Vitamin E boost by mixing the oil into Fash Kool Hot Oil Hair Mask Garlic. Fash Kool, while not an “all natural” product comes in a few different formulations which include Garlic, Bitter Almond, Egg, Papaya, Raspberry, Aloe Vera, Henna, Cobra, Honey & Milk, Rucola (Arugula or Rocket). Wait whaaaa… Cobra! Like snakes? Like venom??? RESEARCH!

We at Tousled are avid ingredient readers. Guess what little gem was in Fash Kool Garlic? Hydrolyzed Silk Protein! This may mean nothing to you now but just know that if a conditioner tends to sit on top of your hair rather than penetrating it, your hair is probably low porosity and this is the protein for you!

The Miracle:

  • Aseel mixed about 3 scoops (¾ Cup Fash Kool Hot Oil Garlic with 1 capsule of Vitamin E oil) in a little bowl. If you have a bottle of Vitamin E oil like I do, then you would incorporate about ½ tsp.  The point is, you don’t need a ton.

  • After sectioning the hair to ensure even distribution, apply the mixture heated or not (heated will make it even more fabulous) to the hair making sure to focus on the ends.

  • Cover the hair with a plastic cap for 15 to 20 minutes (or if you’re like me; watch an entire movie, cook a meal, talk on the phone and plot).

  • Thoroughly rinse the hair with warm water, then follow with cold (as you can stand it) water. Cold water rinsing smooths the hair's cuticles which results in the hair reflecting more light. That means the hair appears shinier and healthier. Hot water leaves the hair rough and lackluster – but man, it certainly feels better ;-)

  • Dry the hair with an old, soft cotton tee-shirt rather than a bath towel. Towels suck a ton of water from the hair, which can be a bad thing, especially since the goal with every hair type is to seal moisture into the hair. Towels also “rough up” the cuticles and undo that cold water hell you just went through.

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