Get Low

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Low what? Porosity? What’s all this drivel? Tousled breaks it down for you.

Low porosity hair is typically resistant to moisture. This does not mean that the hair is unhealthy; it simply means that it needs help to retain moisture.

One of our favorite product lines, for hair type 4 Shea Moisture, released two brand new collections, which I am pleased to say I got my mitts on while in Atlanta recently.

This collection includes a Protein-Free Shampoo,  a Protein-Free Conditioner.  Are you catching that theme for low porosity hair?

The Shea Moisture low porosity collection has natural and certified organic ingredients which include:

  • Baobab Oil: Extracted from the African “superfruit”, this deeply moisturizing oil is rich in vitamins and antioxidants.

  • Tea Tree Oil (my dermis LOVES tea tree oil): Moisturizes and comforts scalp for healthy-looking hair.

  • Spearmint Extract: Effectively revitalizes hair and scalp with a fresh stimulating fragrance. Sounds good and I'm excited!

Tousled wraps up this product review with a few quick tips on caring for your low porosity hair:

  1. Use a pre-poo treatment - Add a penetrating oil like coconut, sunflower, olive, avocado, or grapeseed oil (my favorite) to your conditioner. Apply a couple of hours before rinsing it out and shampooing your hair.  

  2. Water down your conditioner - Water is the best moisturizer! I use about 2 ounces of conditioner to 6 ounces of water. I divide my hair into sections and then work this conditioner mixture throughout. Proceed to deep condition with heat.

  3. Always deep condition  - that's pretty much it.

  4. Seal in moisture with an oil - Low porosity hair usually responds better to the L(liquid/leave-in), C(cream), O(oil) method rather than the famous LOC method. Always use your liquid/leave-in first, and your oil last.

  5. Make satin your best friend - Use a satin pillowcase... "because you're worth it," but also because it’s ALSO good for your face! Cotton sucks the moisture out of your face so using a satin pillowcase will also help fend off the wrinkles! Double duty !!!!

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