Now that's how it's done!

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Celebrity stylist Robert Vetica is THE. MAN. when it comes to creating fabulous styles for Type 1 celebrity hair (think Cate Blanchette). Much like other celebrity stylists, (in a reverenced whisper, Andre Walker) I wish that these gifted savants would make house calls to us mere mortals, so we too can look gone with the wind fabulous! Until Robert, Harry, or Andre do show up, we may as well greedily gather their professional advice. If you’re an ultra-fine hair type 1, listen up!

  • Get the products: Vetica uses Wellas Professional haircare range EIMI to create the perfect blow out.

  • Get the technique: A little extra time in the morning? Vetica uses a round brush to smooth it out the blowout, before putting in four velcro rollers at the top of the head for a little extra volume and slight wave.

  • Finishing touches: Vetica sprays the rolled hair with hairspray and scrunches the hair with Wella Dry Me Dry Shampoo , which gives it a nice volumized texture and then brushes the hair to shape.

Now there’s a tip!!! I would have never thought to layer products in that way! Let’s recap shall we?

As for the tools, Vetica points us to Olivia Garden’s styling tools. Vetica uses three Olivia Garden brushes: Olivia Garden Healthy Hair Eco-Friendly Bamboo Professional Ionic Vented Paddle Brush; Olivia Garden Ceramic + Ion Thermal Round Brush; and Olivia Garden Style-Up Teasing Brush.

Type 1’s go on and turn up the volume!

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