Pop, Hip Hop, and Hair

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It's amazing how an endorsement from the most popular and fabulous "IT" person of the moment makes you rush to purchase whatever magic elixir we assume will wrap us in the same luck, looks, and luxury they enjoy.

Cardi B., the “IT” girl of the moment who pointed Tousled toward today’s products. For those of you who don’t know, Cardi B is all self-made, hustling, scrappy, rapping, will cut you because, knows "what's up", striving reality TV regular, stripper in a former life, woman of today. It takes a while to unpack the Bronx Dominican accent, but once we watched a few interviews, I was educated.

As image conscious as the best of her peers, Cardi B reviewed and casually endorsed Vida Hair Growth products on one of her YouTube videos discussing her own hair growth journey.

I'm excited about Vida Hair Growth Products! Yvette Perez, founder and creator of the line is clearly passionate about hair care for those who are really suffering with health maladies. Specifically, Vida Hair Growth products claims to benefit those suffering from:

  • chemically processed-damaged hair

  • Alopecia

  • Telogen Effluvium

  • Hair loss due to undergoing Chemotherapy

  • Balding

These are serious claims about serious issues.

Perez says she is "overwhelmed and humbled with the joy of helping others find hope and happiness again." The testimonial pictures are absolutely astounding! I'm so thrilled for those who have experienced success with these products.

From YouTube vlogosphere, I have concluded that at the very least your hair will be super shiny and looking brand new after using Vida Hair Growth products (I'm down for that). While the hair products claim to be for people of all hair types, I'll reserve judgement on that score until I've had the opportunity to test the products on the four major hair types.

While many pop stars have been developing and lending their names to makeup lines (YEAAASSSS Rihanna with Fenty Beauty) I wonder when we'll see a media personality throw their influence, name, and connections behind the development of a haircare line with a mission and vision similar to Vida Hair Growth products? Belcalis, (Cardi B) I think you can step up to the plate on that one, girl.  

I can't wait to try Vida Hair Growth products and report back!

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