This. Is a Public Service Announcement

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With a flick of the wrist you can bump, curl and wave yourself fabulous. With a little practice a flat iron is a truly useful (ahem addictive daily) tool…but what about all that heat?

We all know that all that smoke wafting dreamily from your scalp isn’t all product burn off. Let’s be real. When cranking that titanium, ceramic, or tourmaline up to hundreds of degrees and then applying to delicate strands, we shudder, pray, gasp and hope that the damage isn’t irreparable, but sometimes it is! Nope, your hair did not magically get a bit (permanently) straighter... your hair has suffered heat damage. Real. Heat. Damage.

Never fear! Sciency people are on the case!

Engineers at Perdue University are trying to answer one question and change our flat irons forever. “How much heat is too much before you lose your permanent curl pattern?”

The answer apparent us translates means specific recommendations for temperature based on hair type.


Just know this: The curlier your hair, (according to this article  hair type VIII’s ??? that means you!) the more prone it is to heat damage.

Okay, so now you know. And like any good public service announcement you can promptly ignore us.

But as you wield your beloved straight hair joy-giver closer to your head, use a good heat protectant, don't engage in multiple 'passes' over the same section of hair and keep it well under 420 degrees F - the temperature that melts, yes… MELTS keratin proteins in your hair.

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