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A 2016 startup hair care company which evolved from champagne and celebration? I’m listening… I’m listening!

Founder Rachel Katzman, formulated a hair brand that is all about the finer things in life.

Understand me clearly. Not. A. Thing.  (in my opinion) is better than the glitzy sophistication of the high life in New York City where Katzman resides.

Cuvée Beauty,  ((Cuvée is French wine term - thanks Wiki), is formulated with a Cuvée Complex, a cocktail of champagne, white truffle, and platinum extracts. Oohhhh! Luxey!!!

Clinically tested, Cuvée’s claims to make hair 2x stronger, 4x smoother and reduce breakage by 50%. Left breathless, I broke open the package like I was mining for diamonds. Based on these claims and the ingredients, Tousled recommended this product to one of our reviewers, a long, strong hair type 1 blonde who we call #yachtlife! Products tested were Cuvée’s shampoo and conditioner.

Read her unbiased review below:

  1. What is the length of your hair?

Mid length to Long

  1. Is your hair color treated?

Yes, my hair is color treated – blonde highlights

  1. Describe your hair’s best and worst attributes.

Frizz free, easy to manage without too much heat treatment/products, naturally glossy, healthy

  1. How did the product(s) smell?

I found the products to have a strong floral/fruity fragrance

  1. Do you notice any difference in your hair after use of the samples you were provided? If so what difference did you notice?

My hair definitely felt thicker/fuller than usual, so I definitely felt it gave my hair more volume than my usual products.

  1. Did your hair feel clean after use? Stripped? Hydrated?

My hair did feel clean, however I am not sure this product is something I would use going forwards. I felt it gave my hair a visibly matted look, rather than its usual glossy look and while I loved how it lifted my hair at the roots, I didn’t like how it made my tips somewhat ‘fluffy’ and less sleek.

  1. Do you normally use conditioner on your hair?

I do use conditioner every time I shampoo

  1. Cuvée Beauty claims that their conditioner is hydrating. Did you find that to be the case?

As mentioned above, I found it to be hydrating on the roots, but less so at the tips.

  1. What products do you usually use on your hair?

I usually use Redken products. Their all-soft argan oil based shampoo and conditioner, an oil treatment and an anti-snap treatment pre blow dry.

  1. How does Cuvée Beauty compare to your usual hair care products?

Having used Cuvée for four days, I really liked the way it lifted my hair at the roots and while it would be a lovely product to use when volume is desired, I am not sure it is a product I would use on a more daily basis given that I did not feel for my particular hair type (lots of hair, but very fine hair) that it was hydrating enough when washing with hard water. I feel I would have to incorporate an anti-frizz product in order to make it more manageable for daily wear as I notice more ‘fly-away’ lose hairs.

  1. What did you like most about the product?

I really liked the gentle foaming action of the shampoo, and while initially I felt the product fragrance was a little strong for my liking, I liked the fresh/clean smell it left my hair with for the rest of the day.

  1. What did you dislike about the product(s)?

I felt I had to use a lot of product – I realize the shampoo has a gentle foaming action which is desired and shows how little chemicals it has, I feel that if I were to buy the products, they wouldn’t last quite as long as many rival products.

  1. How did your hair feel after using the product?

My hair felt fuller, thicker and had noticeable more volume, but I noticed more fly-away hairs and felt my hair was less shiny.

  1. Would you purchase Cuvée? Shampoo ($35.00 USD) Conditioner ($38.00 USD)

I probably wouldn’t buy the products, I didn’t feel the price tag made it worth it for my hair type.

  1. Any other observations?


Tousled believes that all products are not for everyone Tousled recommended the product to #yachtlife based on her color treated hair and hair type and received this product for free.

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