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Every hair dryer brand seems to have 45…million different machines in one of their 15 million lines. While on the hunt for a new blow dryer recently, I literally gazed dumbfounded at a product wall, tentatively examined the first blow dryer (in a long row) and walked back to the safety of hair conditioner aisle.

I mean a hair dryer is so necessary but so difficult to test. You know? Example, have you ever found it sort of odd to be invited to test a hot tool (hair dryer or flat iron) in a store or (god kill me) in the middle of the mall at one of those dreadful kiosks? I mean seriously? Really? Shall I quickly excuse myself to go to the nearest water feature so I can wash and condition my hair and deliver myself to you (well meaning kiosk attendant) in sopping shambles for a proper blow out test? Shall I?

My hair dryer shopping, which only happens when the old one completely melts, blows up or flat out refuses to go forth, is annoying.

My latest casualty involved a small explosion there were sparks… and screaming.  

With my own densely packed kinky/curly hair, ending up with a device that sounds like a frustrated fruit fly which incidentally happens to emit hot air is not an option!

Based on the recommendations of trusted readers, Tousled shares two tried and tested hair dryers!

  1. The Babyliss Pro Portofino Nano Titanium Dryer is available at most beauty supply stores and on

    1. Price: $139.95

    2. Six heat/speed settings

    3. All sorts of technology and negative ions (which is supposed to protect the hair).  

    4. Great for travel, weighing only 1.21 lbs!

    5. Recommended for hair type 3 and hair type 4

  2. The T3 Micro Featherweight 2I is touted as the next generation of blow drying. The T3's claim to fame here is that it employs special SoftAire technology that the company says is clinically proven, (don't those words always inspire confidence) to be better than plain old air drying.  

    1. Price: $250.00

    2. Two speeds

    3. Three heat settings

    4. Cool air shot,

    5. Recommended for hair type 1 and hair type 2

    6. Super-fast dry time (as little as a dreamy 10 minutes my fine haired friends tell me)

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