By the Brow

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Tousled has been scouring the vlog and blogosphere for the perfect yet attainable eyebrow technique. We’ve turned our trained eye to one of our favorites Heart Evangelista for tips on how to craft a timeless, easy, natural brow. Heart’s brows aren’t the sky scraping v-shaped variety. Nope. Her shape does what they are supposed to do, follow her brow bone and refines her face shape (as opposed to those structured sort of boxes above the eyes - shudder).

Aside: These boxes I speak of? Above the eyes? Please stop with this. Its unbecoming and makes one look equally terrified and terrifying.

What do you need to create the perfect brows?

  1. Spoolie and angled brush combo: Your makeup bag isn’t complete without one and let me tell you, your eyebrows will never be the same. A spoolie looks like a mascara wand and has the necessary bush like soft bristles to brush your brows into place. When you have the natural shape in place flip the brush to the angled brush side to fill in with a soft powder in the proper tint that suits. Again flip back to the spoolie side after the fill and brush the brows again to soften the powder application and soften and even out applied color.

Tousled recommends: Anastasia Duo Firm Angled Brush #12

2. Tweezers: Okay, I know some of you ( excuse me, I misspoke, not you, “your friend”) when misguided and 14 and thought you (ahem “your friend”) was ‘doin’ it’ , unceremoniously butchered undeserving eyebrows into what can only be described as a connect the dots picture as steep and thin as the cables of the Golden Gate Bridge. Tweezers are necessary. A stray hair here and there must be removed if you can’t get a booking with your local eyebrow specialist.

Tousled recommends: Tweezerman Slant Tweezer in Pretty

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