Seeds of Hope


Garbage in. Garbage out. How often have you heard that? Although our bodies are regenerative wunderkinds, optimizing that regeneration is down to simple ways in which we care for ourselves.

A telling conversation with one friend to Tousled made me think and laugh. Our lunch conversation was mainly us pointing out how eating this or that didn’t agree in the way it used to.

“Chili cheese fries? With extra cheese? YES PLEASE! Kindly make sure you have an ambulance en route while I’m eating though.” The word ‘inflammation’ was used three to five times within two sentences. Don’t ask how. It happened. Le sigh.

Try as we may, sometimes non-organic, dairy laden, fatty, sugary, intoxicatingly delicious food and drink creep (make a prominent and constant appearance) in our diets. My garden is not laden with non-GMO, slavishly cultivated, crispy, vibrantly colored, juicy things improved with a robust compost heap, lovingly packaged in non-plastic receptacles and stored in a carbon footprint reducing fridge.

What we put in our bodies is so important. Our hair can seriously suffer from lack of proper nourishment. One hair super food is the much loved (and much hated papaya). Take note, use papaya (all of it) and preserve and improve your hair!

Here are a couple quick all natural, papaya-based recipes to boost the quality of your hair.

Papaya Mask:

1.       Remove the tiny black seeds of a fresh papaya (set aside we will use these later)

2.       Chop one half of one medium size papaya and set aside

3.       Add a half a cup of yoghurt to your blender

4.       Add chopped papaya to the yoghurt in the blender

5.       Apply the blended mixture to hair

6.       Leave the mask on your hair for about 30 minutes and then, rinse.

Papaya Seed Dandruff Prevention Pre-Poo Oil:

Papaya seeds contain anti-fungal properties which wards off dandruff. Try this!

1.       Take the papaya seeds that you scraped out earlier

2.       Blend the seeds together with about quarter cup of carrier oil we recommend olive oil or if you aren’t protein sensitive coconut oil

3.       The blend should look like a paste, apply it to the scalp

4.       Rinse out and shampoo and condition (if needed) as normal

Hair fall? Dandruff? Papaya has a ton of nutrients and antioxidants which provides innumerable benefits for your hair! Eat a slice of papaya daily and see the improvement in your hair length and thickness.

Warning: People with a latex allergy may also be allergic to papaya because papayas contain enzymes called chitanases.