Summertime - Tousled Square.png

With just a few weeks left, and most taking off for the last bit of summer fun before the crush of school starts, here’s a roundup of the hair trends that will have you looking all kinds of fine as you enjoy the rest of your summer. Pair with your swimsuit, coverup, short shorts and breezy dresses and soak up the sun!

Tousled Picks

Headbands: Headbands have gone in and out of fashion but here they are back with a vengeance  and we are LOVING the regal very un-Alicia Silverstone 90’s bent they have taken. The new iteration of the headband adds height (like a tiara), are bejeweled (like a tiara) and are a statement maker (like a tiara)… wwwwaaaaaiiiittt!!!! Squeel! We can now wear tiara’s in publique????!!!!

The tiara’s (ahem) headbands you should get your hands on ASAP are:

LeLe Sadoughi – Atomic Print Headband This graphic print olive green, pink, black and white headband would pair perfectly with:

·       denim tulip hem high waisted short

·       white boho way off the shoulder top

·       wedge heel.

H&M – Glittery Alice Headband In old rose gold this cheap and cheerful piece would be the perfect practical pairing for poolside lounging in your favorite bikini (burgundy, red, or min green).

Scarves: Did scarves ever go out of style? Really? Not in my book! I’ve been working a scarf since I was barely old enough not to look completely ridiculous…so at the age of 12, I was looking ridiculous.

Hair emergency? Never fear, always keep a scarf handy and look easy breezy and effortlessly put together as you fashion it into a pony tail holder, super chic bun accessory, headband or weaved into a loose braid.

Scarves are not a trend so feel free to invest in one of these pieces:

Eggo Couture – Sneakart White Scarf This beauty is perfectly versatile. Twisted into a headband, imagine yourself arriving for a casually late lunch in:

·       crisp white, billowy dress (backless) if you can manage it.

Jim Thompson – Leaf Cotton Handkerchief Blue/Yellow WARNING! Your man may try and steal this and fashion it into a pocket square for his blazer but you just lean in a snatch and it back. This is perfect to tie around a high pony to effect that “late summer what to do in Montauk” vibe. Pair with:

·       preppy white shorts

·       stone colored light weight knit sweater

·       white keds

Voila! you’re good as Audrey… Audrey Hepburn that is!