The G.O.A.T.


The G.O.A.T. who or what actually can earn that title? We have called the athletically gifted, the intellectually superior and even the musical genius’ that compose the sound tracks that recall the best and worst of our lives.

When I think about the greatest of all time in hair... it makes me pause. I mean really? Is it a stylist? A product? An iconic hair style? I had to think a little harder and cast my net much wider especially in light of what is going on in the news right now.

The G.O.A.T. is under constant attack, increasing stress, abused and misused and STILL produces fabulous product that improves and maintains our hair from the inside out. Natural hydration? The G.O.A.T has it. Healing ingredients that boost your hair with all the vitamins and minerals you could hope for? The G.O.A.T has it.

Who or what am I speaking of? The Earth. The greatest! She is the greatest! We call her our mother and who does your hair better than your mom?

As I said before, we have an issue. A major problem. A crisis. The strain we are putting on the Earth is staggering and it feels insurmountable. Let me rephrase because maybe we aren’t quite sure about our impact on the Earth as it seems to go on producing patiently, silently regardless of what we do to it.

Let’s say you finally find the perfect stylist. When I say perfect I mean PERFECT! He always cuts your hair just right, has discounted but magical products for your hair type and is affordable, doesn’t talk too much or little, can take whatever vision you have for your hair and execute it, can get you in and out of the chair in under an hour no matter what AND located easily between your work and home. For this person sacrifice! When they move across town you commute further, when their rates go up you pay, (you saved a mountain of money all those years anyway). But let’s say suddenly, the word about your stylist got out. They aren’t available and when they are the “touch” isn’t the same.... you can see they’re tired, they can’t keep up with the demand soon you’re landed with someone named Diamond who allegedly was trained by your stylist but has nothing akin to his talent and flare.

You can get another stylist but you know deep down that NOTHING will ever compare to that stylist. Your hair will never flourish in quite the same way again.

Well the G.O.A.T isn’t replaceable, the clean water, the natural ingredients that we use to treat our scalp and hair to keep it healthy and flourishing are in danger.

So what’s going on in the news? The Amazon is experiencing serious fires. Let’s set aside the edited rhetoric that makes for great headline hype and endless Uber trendy hashtags because to tell you the truth I’m sick of all of the G-20 jostling and “thoughts and prayers” are not enough! I have to look at my own consumption and waste seriously!!! Seriously and figure out what I can do to make a difference no matter how tiny.

According to Live Science “The fires [in the Amazon] only happen when climatic conditions are right — for example, during times of low humidity, according to the statement. The fires usually occur near inhabited areas, however, and are likely ignited by cigarettes, campfires and other human sources, NASA said.”

According to my research we humans are at the root of this devastation! When you think forest fires you may think of other wild fires that burn because there’s no rain. Problem with that logic is in the Amazon it has been an unusually moist year! It’s raining plenty thanks!

So what are “we” doing? According to National Geographic [m]any trees in the Amazon are cleared to plant soy or make way for lucrative cattle pastures. Burning is commonly used to clear trees quickly. Like the wildfires that plague California, most are started by humans, but then spiral out of control.

Explicative’ s ! All of them come to mind.

What can we do to do our part?

  1. Swap your plastic disposable razor for a safety razor. These razors are made of stainless steel which means they can be recycled at the end of its life. This rose gold safety razor by Eco Roots is legit gorg!!!

  2. You probably have a plastic hair brush or comb. If you do (as I do) you do.... but consider an alternative to replacing it when it’s had it? A wooden brush or comb does a much better job of pulling oil from the root to tip so you might be able to go an extra day without washing! So its even better for you try Nature & My’s bamboo hair brush is made with natural rubber and sustainable bamboo. 100% biodegradable and plastic free this hairbrush is perfect for those seeking a natural and eco-friendly alternative to plastic.

  3. Plastic free Shampoo bars are becoming more popular. Tousled recommends Ethique. This brand has developed nine shampoo bars for normal hair, normal-dry hair, dry-frizzy hair, dandruff-prone scalps, and oily hair, as well as a volumising bar, a shampoo and shaving bar, and one made from oats for kids. There are also three conditioner bars – one for dry and frizzy hair, and another for normal to oily hair.

I know taking care of the G.O.A.T is a huge responsibility, imagine you were responsible for the care and full time maintenance of a pop culture G.O.A.T. That responsibility is very alarming, but it’s all about the small changes and this very much includes your beauty regime.