Hat Silks & Covers

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We love a good accessory! LOVE! So we thought we’d share some protective accessories that will have you feeling and looking like an old timey movie star! What are these magical transformative sophisticated accessories? Hats of course!

Living in the Middle East means a LOT of exposure to the sun. Since moving here I’ve basically own the fact that I’m a vampire. A glimpse of sunshine without my trusty had and I’m throwing up my hand to shield my face bearing my fangs (I mean, prominent k-9’s) to the outer world while cowering for shade.

Here’s the deal. The sun can seriously damage hair and scalp! This is not a joke. So even if you have the biggest, baddest afro anyone has ever seen, you have to protect your hair from the sun.

Excess exposure to the sun during the summer means:

  1. Hair is limp and lifeless: The summer weather packs a one, two punch. Right hook - the sun dries out your hair to the consistency of kindling. The left cross - increased humidity makes your hair fall flat or explode a-la bozo the clown.

  2. Out, about and sweating: So it’s hot, you’re running around doing the Baywatch thing… or at least that’s what you’re telling yourself in your mind, but you know you’re sweating. Sweat and dust increase hair problems like dandruff and split ends… which leads to hair shed and loss and boom. You’re screaming bloody murder and Baywatch is looking more like Jordie Shore. SCCCRREEAAAMMM!!!!

  3. Your scalp is NOT protected by your hair:  If you have fine hair you have to be super careful but no matter your hair type, the sun can cause your scalp to be dry and sunburnt. Your hair is NOT a hat. Dry hair means a super dry scalp which means that your exposed to damage to your roots!

Here are some pro-tips to help you get through the most intense part of the summer with your hair unscathed:

  1. If you color your hair avoid exposing your hair to direct sunlight as much as possible as it may bleach your hair.

  2. Use a wide tooth comb after days at the pool or sea side. Be gentle. No tugging or extra manipulation.

  3. Take a vacation from your hot tools, cooking your hair and then exposing it to the sun is a no-no!

  4. USE A HAT or Scarf (and here’s where my Muslim girlfriends stay WINNING!) to protect your hair from the sun!

No need to feel like a frump while protecting your hair! We declare hats in style no matter the time of year or occasion. Style it into oblivion at every opportunity! Here’s some great picks that is sure to fuel your newly found hat obsession.


G.Viteri – I love a wide brim panama hat. What most don’t know is that panama hats are actually from Ecuador. One of the best in the business, G.Viteri is a favorite of tastemakers like Aerin Lauder and Tousled! For wide brim cuteness try the Celine hat! Stylish, edgy and versatile. It’s the perfect complement to a mini sun dress!


Lock & Co Hatters – This traditional London hatters is the perfect place to get an ultra-classic and beautifully crafted hat. Our pick? The Thebes wide brim Panama hat, wonderful for a beach picnic outing or a day at the races.


ASOS DESIGN – I wear hats EVERY.SINGLE.DAY. A piece isn’t necessary to protect your hair and keep it stylish. What we don’t like about “off the rack” hats is their one size fits all approach. For those of us with fine or super thick hair, off the rack can be embarrassing and futile. Our pick, the ASOS DESIGN natural straw easy boater has an adjustable band for (your crazy big or abnormally small) head and is completely on trend.


Lock up the trend and enjoy these and more accessories picks here on Tousled!