Gone with the Wind

Gone with the wind post.png

Just like that, Summer 2019 is over. Where did it go? What the heck happened?

It’s been a great time though. Honestly. Summer 2019, was one for the books. Summer may be gone with the wind but Autumn and Winter (MY MONTHS OF GLORY, MAGIC and TRIUMPH) are upon us and let me tell you, the good times are about to roll! HARD!

Our new offerings are kinda exciting! Here’s a preview!

The Tousled Trunk - So I got this brainwave the other day while working on another offering for you guys, (another post will be dedicated to the truly big thing - later!) what if I could present a super cute curated box of hair products for all hair types periodically? I mean the idea took me over body and soul and of course that led to me pushing back my comfort zone boundaries with feverish work in earnest. Things are falling into place s-l-o-w-l-y but they are working out and I can’t wait to share our first ever Tousled Trunk - a box of hair product samples hair accessories and all sorts of hair related goodies (and most importantly, how you can get your manicured hands on one!

The Trim - I get asked A. LOT. to share style tips and expand the Tousled platform to include either fashion or other cosmetic care. I’m going to rip a page from Anna Wintour’s “book” (have you seen the preview for her Master Class for creativity and leadership?) Ms. Anna advises; “Listen to the information (advice from others), but in the end it has to come from WHO YOU ARE!” From “who I am” straight to you, I’ve decided (with the help of my super brave and long suffering team) to switch up the site a little and create The Trim, an evolving curation of all the things we love (hair centric or related) and trust me - we will find a tie-in!

Five & Dime - The most interesting outing I go on with any friend is a trip to the local drug store. I literally walk in armed with SO MUCH resolve to walk out with cotton face pads and a bottle of Evian somehow…I depart with 10 greeting cards, several bottles of conditioner, various snacks, nail polish, a book, two for one dish washing liquid, and a beach towel. The Five & Dime is a VIDEO feature on social media where Tousled will be coming your local pharmacy and/or drug store to shop for (JUST) hair products for a chosen hair type. CHALLENGE! Now, if you see me running out of the local Duane Reed (New York) or Hema (Netherlands) or the Farmacia Trébol Delicias (Spain) with anything more than a discreet bag of minimal hair products, you have my full permission to put up your excuse me finger in my face and point to the door with the words RETURN the family pack of printer ink immediately on your lips. (Mostly because I don’t even own a printer at home).

So there you have it! Summer may be gone with the wind, but Autumn is officially here and we are so excited! Keep your eyes peeled!!!