The Man Who Believed


Drumroll please! Tousled has partnered with the Women’s Power Summit (October 13 and 14)  in the Kingdom of Bahrain to present Tousled (for the first time EVER) to a forum of entreprenuer’s, influencers and potential readers who, like those of you who are already here on a regular basis (thank you!!!), quest for fabulousness one strand at a time.

As the Tousled team prepares for its presentation at the Power Summit, we’ve been innovating! Tousled presents a beautifully packaged box of Tousled approved hair care brands called the Touseld Trunk! The Tousled Trunk is TOTALLY FREE to 50 lucky people stopping by the Tousled booth at the Women’s Power Summit!

Today we want to highlight our first contributor to the Tousled Trunk! AQUIS !

Suveen Sahib, co-founder of  AQUIS is - 

  • A man who is just as passionate about hair and technology (he has an engineering background) as I am (maybe more - scratching chin).

  • A man who has serious hair passion (check out his authored article here).

  • A man who believes in Tousled.

 Before, I continue to talk about Suveen and the AQUIS team, a bit about the products! AQUIS hair towels and turbans (featured in the trunk) are beautifully crafted, high quality hair towels and turbans that use technology to cut drying time in half, leaving your hair strong, frizz-free, and naturally vibrant! If you battle with frizz  - I’m looking at you Type 3 and Type 4 curlies, - this is the product for you!

Knowledge is POWER! One of the great tips we learned from AQUIS that makes their products so invaluable is; “[ T]oo much water makes your hair tired, weak, and prone to breakage. It's called Hygral Fatigue. It's easy: Less Water + Faster Drying = Stronger Hair.” What??? We totally didn’t know that! Thanks AQUIS!

We are blown away by Suveen’s genuine belief in the concept of Tousled and his willingness to throw his company’s support behind our presentation at the Women’s Power Summit! Sometimes it just takes that one - the first one, to give you a much needed boost!

No  matter what your endeavor is, go forward, work your plan, keep pushing! All this online jazz may look super glam but we’ll tell you - The amount of bald face begging, cajoling and fast talking to make the Tousled Trunk come to life hasn’t been the most dignified thing done of late.  We believe its all been worth it! We know Power Summit visitors will really enjoy this unique opportunity to sample the best in hair care.

Tousled is proud to present the Tousled Trunk and to give a special shout out to AQUIS co-founder Suveen Sahib - The Man Who Believed!

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