The Late Bloomer

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Connie Britton’s hair! Can we talk?  This Hair Type 2 strawberry blonde and TV actress, hit her hair stride in her late 40’s. No discussion. How? Some things are biological, and will be better when you’re younger, but let me tell you, Ms. Britton got it all the way together by the time she starred in the ABC nighttime drama Nashville in her late 40’s.

Sometimes life, (I am crossing my fingers and living this truth), hands you a better and better version of yourself as you age. Some women decidedly look better older.  Hair type 2’s may feel like their hair overwhelms them when younger but as they age and wrestle it into submission it is glorious! Connie Britton, like Bea Arthur, and many, many others looked better post 40 vs. pre 40.

FACT: As we age our hair thins, becomes increasingly brittle, and follicles shrink. It happens to everyone. But with the respect to the process of life, it takes time to discover your confidence, feel comfortable with your sexuality, embrace “odd” beauty, find that perfect "go to" hairstyle, and most importantly make peace with the hand we’ve been dealt in these areas. It would be a shame and more than a little boring if all that happened at 18.

Well into her late 40’s, Ms. Britton's hair has been described as “magical and depression-inducing”.  (I’m sure she has the help of a few hair extensions, but why not?) Her hair is so out of control it has…wait for it… A BLOG! Yes, I said it. There is a blog weirdly (who am I kidding?? ;-) dedicated to Connie Britton's hair!  

Hair type 2’s take note. Perhaps you lament your unruly constantly frizzy, overly wavy and thick as rope strands now, but finding your stride requires the patience to keep experimenting and time. Investing in you, is THE worthwhile endeavor of your life. In the words of Ms. Britton at the age of 49, “My life started being awesome five years ago.”

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