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This Cookie Policy should be read together with the Terms and Conditions governing your use of the Site. For ease of reference, the same definitions used in the Terms and Conditions are adopted in this Cookie Policy. By setting your cookie preferences in your web browser and continuing to browse the Site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies in accordance with this Cookie Policy. You can change your cookie settings in your browser at any time but if you do, you may lose some functionality.

Understanding how and why we use cookies

We use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website. Cookies allow you to do many things such as have us 'remember' your log-in preferences and subscribe to our mailing list.

To find out more about how we use cookies and what benefits they bring, please take a few moments to read this Cookie Policy.

What are cookies? Cookies are small text files that are sent to and stored on your computer, smartphone or other device for accessing the internet, whenever you visit a website. Cookies are useful because they allow a website to recognize a user's device.

At TOUSLED, we use cookies for a variety of reasons, such as to determine preferences, let users navigate between pages efficiently, verify the user and carry out other essential security checks. Some of the functions that cookies perform can also be achieved using similar technologies. This policy refers to ‘cookies’ throughout, however it also covers these alternate mechanisms.

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How you can manage your cookies: The browsers of most computers, smartphones and other web-enabled devices are typically set up to accept cookies. The cookies we are able to use are determined by the preferences you set in your browser. If you opt out of the use of certain cookies in your browser settings we will not use these cookies. If you wish to amend your cookie preferences for this site, any local sites or any other websites, you can do this through your browser settings. Your browser's 'help' function will tell you how to do this.

If you do not consent to such use we will not use these cookies, but this may mean that you are not be able to use that functionality on the site.  Please remember that cookies are often used to enable and improve certain functions on our site. If you choose to switch certain cookies off, it is likely to affect how our site works.

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How we use cookies to make to improve our website and website security: We use cookies to safeguard your privacy when you're browsing our website.

Cookies can also allow us to tailor the content of our website to suit your interests. For example, instead of displaying promotional messages about products you already have, they let us show you other services you may be interested in.

Finally, we use ‘analytics’ cookies to help us make our website better for those who visit it regularly. We may use these types of cookies even if they are addressed by your browser cookie settings. They help us work out what users like and don't like and how we can improve things for you.

When we include links to other websites, please bear in mind they will have their own privacy and cookie policies that will govern the use of any information you submit. We recommend you read their policies as TOUSLED is not responsible or liable for their privacy practices.

How we work with trusted third parties: Third parties are trusted suppliers to TOUSLED.

We only use cookies from third parties in order to provide our customers with TOUSLED products and services. The only time cookies would enable us to share personal information such as your name, address, telephone or email is when you have given us express consent to pass it on to a trusted third party.

How we improve our email: We use email analytics and reporting tools to see how many of our emails are opened and which links receive the most clicks. We may use these types of tools even if you they are addressed by your browser cookie settings.  Knowing which blog posts and topics our customers like and which they don't like helps us improve and optimize our content.

If you wish to unsubscribe from marketing emails, please click on the link located in the footer of any marketing email you've received from us.

More about your privacy:

To find out more about how TOUSLED protects your privacy when using our website, see our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Statement.

The following cookies are used on TOUSLED

Essential cookies: These cookies are vital to us providing key features of our website, such as the ability to use online tools, log on securely and save your favourite articles.

Functionality and performance cookies: These cookies give you extra functionality, such as being able to ask us to remember your preferences. They also let us monitor how our website is performing so we can make regular improvements.

  • FontSize - This records your preference for displaying the page, such as browser font size etc.

  • Branding - This changes the branding of third party cookies to display them as TOUSLED cookies so you can easily identify where they have come from.

  • Any other companies that use this network. For further details, please visit the AdChoices website.]

An exhaustive list of the cookies used on this site can be found here: