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Humidity. Gross.

This is a fact. After the disgusting humidity filled summers on the Eastern Seaboard, I thought I understood what it was like to fight, (like a superhero) humidity whose only purpose was to make me look like an unhappy lion-dog.  Well, that delusion was crushed the second I stepped off the plane in Saudi Arabia. In August...

I thought I was coming to the desert. I thought that I was coming to a dry climate. I thought the earth was round. I was wrong! Jefferson Starship! I knew I was in major trouble when snapping open the curtains to prepare myself for my first day of work and thought...

Oh, rain... wait…no.

That's not rain... it was humidity induced condensation running down my window. I knew that between the humidity and extreme heat, (I'm talking north of 115 degrees Fahrenheit) I was in trouble.

DEATHSTROKE! Yes, Deathstroke a not-so-fictional supervillain, a mercenary assassin who serves as the archenemy of my hair, was at my door to destroy my tresses.

I was frantic: I had a nice suit on... I stepped onto the curb of the hadean death scape, promptly turned on my heel, jetlagged, confused, and wet, returned to my cupboard masquerading as an apartment, and tore off my soaked through, once beautiful skirt suit. I donned a subpar, unplanned for dress all the while muttering questions about why I had to wear clothes at all. I mean really? Why clothes? Why the shame? Dash modesty! Dash professionalism, I shake my now sweat soaked fist at you propriety!

Whatever your hair type, when it turns into frizzed out, poofed up, indigent stringy, whatever, we need to talk about the three things that will keep you calm and collected when an extreme humidity situation is at hand.

Styling is key!

  1. Please don't, I repeat DON'T! fight your natural hair texture when its humid. If you have board straight hair, now is not the time to try for a curly beachy wave. If you have curly or coily hair now is not the time to make with the flat iron to get fly. Fighting your natural texture will make you look like a BIG FOOL!

  2. Opt for a bun or other updo if your hair has the length is always professional and neat. Your hair can only grow and/or deflate so much when its already in a do. A bun never killed anyone nor did a french twist. Consider and craft accordingly.


First, technique before we talk about product. Any product used, no matter your hair texture, should be applied evenly and completely to the outermost layer of the hair, the point being to get the hair to lay as flat as possible. Avoid water based products. The air has enough. Antidote: During a certain wedding on South Beach on the grounds of an extremely swank hotel I killed it (holler!) with a very silicon-based serum. Yes, GOD! The trick was that I coated the hair cuticle with product so it was flat. I could style according to my texture and slay into the humid Miami night! Hand to hand combat with Deathstroke and I won. Here are some products for your own successful battle.

Product rundown!

  1. Curly girls use - Ouidad Advanced Climate Control Heat & Humidity Gel

  2. Stick straight hair? use - Nexxus Frizz Defy Finishing Mist Hairspray

  3. Coily girls use - Shea Moisture Jamaican Black Castor Oil Strengthen & Grow Oil Serum

  4. Wavy women use - Klorane S.O.S. serum with peony